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Articles contributed by IMS personnel or written about IMS, as well as information on IMS market studies are featured in this segment of our website. We welcome any feedback on these items and, with permission, will post responses that provide insights and depth to the issues cited.


IMS Newsletter
IMS Newsletter - Issue VI, December 2009
IMS Newsletter - Issue V, July 2009
IMS Newsletter - Issue IV, March 2009
IMS Newsletter - Issue III, December 2008
IMS Newsletter - Issue II, July 2008
IMS Newsletter - Issue I, February 2008

STOV News Blog

IMS announces the creation of a news-oriented blog focusing on the on-going development of small, task-oriented vehicles (STOV). Information covers low-speed vehicles (LSVs), a wide range of utility vehicles, and golf car derivatives--as well as technology developments in batteries, electric motors, and new materials. The website address is

Techtextil North America Symposium
Session 103.1     Protecting Intellectual Property Globally,
by Darrel Collier, IMS Managing Director

Session 103.2     The Importance of Relationships,
by Keith Crisco, President, Asheboro Elastics

Session 103.3     Invention, Innovation, and New Product Development: Building Worldwide Partnerships for Technical Textile Technologies,
by Dean Blanton Godfrey, NCSU College of Textiles

Session 103.4     Relevant Trade Issues - A Changing Industry,
by Jim Leonard, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Textiles, Department of Commerce

Session 103.5     Ready, Fire, Aim: A No Nonsense Approach That Illustrates Some Major Mistakes Mady by U.S. Exporters,
by Mary Lynn Landgraf, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce

Southern Textile News
In their January 21, 2008 edition, Southern Textile News named the Trade Expansion Conference as the best company sponsored event of 2007.
Southern Textile News - January 21, 2008

Leadership and Selling Series in the Charlotte Observer
Sherry Sutton, IMS Associate and President of Think2Profit, recently wrote a series on Leadership and is currently writing a series on The Art of Selling for the Charlotte Observer.
You can't just sell the world like you do the nation, January 2008
Good leaders know when it's their time to dance, March 2007

2015 Small Vehicle Market Study
Small Vehicle Resource, LLC, an affiliate of IMS recently published the seventh in a series of major market studies on the small vehicle market in the United States. Entitled, The Small, Task-Oriented Vehicle Industry: Greater Product Diversity Opens New Avenues of Market Competition—Trends from 2010; Forecasts and Outlook to 2019, the study covers, with detailed data and analysis, the four most prominent segments of the small vehicle market: golf car type vehicles used for personal transportation (PTVs), fleet golf cars used on golf courses, light duty vehicles (light portage and transport, or LPT vehicles), and heavy duty, off-road and recreational vehicles. For further information on this study and an extensive table of contents, click here.

Survey of Latin American Market
IMS Managing Director, Darrel Collier, has completed a major survey of the Latin American market for specialized nonwovens. While the study and client are proprietary, Mr. Collier is able to comment that, “The potential for market expansion of textiles in Latin America, particularly in the industrial and high performance segments—both wovens and nonwovens, is pretty extraordinary. Moreover, the potential for finished product applications moving in both directions is considerable.”

With offices opening up in Mexico and Brazil IMS, along with its internationally-experienced Managing Directors, IMS is in a strong position to aid companies in their quest for new opportunities abroad.


IMS Office in China
With the formation of IMS, LLC the TNC Global office in Shanghai now becomes part of IMS. To read about activities of this office in a recent story published in the International Fiber Journal click here.

New Mode of Transportation
The high price of gasoline, the avid search for alternative fuels, and changing demographics point to a potentially new mainstream means of automotive transportation: the low-speed electric vehicle. In an article published in the May/June issue of the Industrial Utility Vehicle and Mobile Equipment magazine, IMS Managing Director analyzes the factors driving demand, the competitive industry segments, and presents a futuristic view as to how current diverse types of small vehicles will begin to merge toward a mainstream market. To see the full article, click here.


IMS Military/
Apparel Conference - October 17, 2013

Press Releases

IMS announces publication of 2015 comprehensive study of the small vehicle market--forecasts to 2019; for study information and TOC, press here PDF

International Market Solutions LLC Introduces a New Service for Executive Management Clients

IMS announces the creation of a news-oriented blog focusing on the on-going development of small, task-oriented vehicles(STOV).

IMS Leadership Team In the News

William Harazin, IMS Advisory Board Member, to merge practice with well-respected international law firm, K&L Gates, allowing him to take his international practice to a new level based on K&L Gates' multinational platform.

Harazin named International Attorney of the Month by Attorney At Law Magazine

IMS opens new office in Vietnam to be run by Joey Fields.

Offices in China, Germany brought on board.

Extensive market survey
of Latin America nears

Studies Available

IMS publishes 2015 comprehensive study of the small vehicle market--forecasts to 2019