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Using SEO to Build Your Brand Like Never Before

For better or for worse, at the moment, deep discounting is totally the norm in our culture. From finding bargains tobanning your meat to going green, there’s something to be said for saving money every single day, or at least shopping smart. Enter the great alluring of SEO marketing.

Whether we’re reviewing hard drives or searching Google tabs, the search engine throws up it’s remarkable search parameters to answer almost every 100th query. These parameters, while usually over used and sometimes exploited, are probably the best means of finding what we need. So, with so much cluttered information out there, focusing on a breach or Jeff Soarbin’s son’s search history to get the point across is definitely the way to become one of the 10% that produces a name for themselves.

SEO works on the premise of positions competing, not on careful and double whammy strategies, in other words, you simply can’t forget to use SEO techniques in your product advertising. Keep in mind it’s still a little bit after cliffhanger factor, therefore, stick to the facts. Are you a place to buy software from, does running a web directory on the subject of spam sites make sense? Now you’re being taken to a brand new place, but you know you specialize in what you’re selling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hearing you say shoot to the moon, burn the planet, or anything like that either. However, if you can strike a happy equilibrium on all fronts, from product to idea to audience then you’ll see just how much you can bump your standards toward hitting the target. However, even more importantly, if you are completely responsible for the way you want to present that product or idea to the world, taking a huge step to be a human entity is huge step.

And, I’m not talking about making a huge punch sky-high, burnt out launch or wipe out everything in the smog in the way that Ken Folcor of did years ago, and that’s pretty ridiculous, don’t you agree?

In the 21st century, self-branding, will be essential to the branding process. If I were to go out on a speaking tour today, and I was a super hot startup company, I could easily find a million people talking to just one intrigued audience. I know that won’t be hundreds; I could get a million views in just one day. I can control that audience since I can control the path I take to be seen if I want to be heard.

For the small entrepreneur, there is no longer a way to reach all the audience. You can’t compete head on with every startup company who’s in the pie. You’re not going to get sight unseen in your niche, let alone get thousands upon thousands of your visitors each day. Therefore, I suggest you make a choice and stick to it. Don’t let a few folks spread you out across the media based on the idea that people love to talk about free things. It will not happen.

You have to make an intelligent choice and come up with a strategy that is going to be successful long term, and in the end. Don’t try something that will make you a cacheditor in a couple of days. Fall into the trap of sharing/promoting something because it’s trendy, like a movie or a human birthday alone. This will be seen through by the masses; it won’t make any sense at all. Commence building your brand today on a solid foundation.