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Summary Tips

Summary of Top 3 Effective Tips

There’s a lot of fuss to be made over paid online advertising. You can use it for the best ROI, get targeted traffic to your website and put your offers to the right people. Here I want to give you a quick overview of the basics that you need to know in order to start using AdWords effectively. Then I’ll show you some other marketing media that you can use, including Facebook ads and free SEO, and also discuss where you can use other forms of marketing such as Facebook ads.

1. Don’t let AdWords levels of complexity get in the way of implementing your campaign, think simple and watch the ROI exceed expectations. If you start with the Google analytics code then you can have access to AdWords data on the things that are working well or not so well in your campaign. There are loads of programs out there that are very good at this. I am not going to go into all of them in this article, but if you are going to invest in a tool then make sure it has at least 3 key features. I also suggest you use a tracking URL in your campaigns, so that you can test different versions and see which ones work the best for you and your business. Summary Tips

2. Follow your business model. This is a recommendation I make to everyone. You will always have different landing pages for different types of offers, and you will need an appropriate domain name to get the highest quality score. If this is your first time that you are setting up an AdWords campaign then I suggest you look at your business model and figure out which stage you are in at in the process. This is an important step that requires a lot more thought than the basic work up process outlined in this article. Summary Tips

3. Remember to get an adequate amount of traffic to act as qualified leads. Google is asking you to associate PPC ads with keywords that match their terms, so they know which ones to show you. And to see the maximum ROI you pay to the right person, we’ve talked about this before. However, it gets even better in that they recommend that you look at ways to get people to talk about what you are marketing. You can over-deliver on your offers, and demonstrate that you are more clever than your competitors. The key is to test and test, test and test so you can see what really works in your campaign and how you can maximize using the latest technology. Summary Tips

4. Keep improving your ads. Invest several months of your time testing and tweaking ad designs and getting the ads that you have properly positioned in your keywords as the best possible. Google is wired in to be able to center everything around the ads that people give them for their Google search, which makes it really very easy to scan through the lists you see and select the most relevant ads. This really is the key to using AdWords effectively. You may be a bit frustrated at the start and wondering where you should position your ads but don’t worry, we’ve taken the guessing out of the equation here!