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Website Optimization – What Tasks Should You Start With?

Website Optimization
Google just showed that website optimization can get you to be on page one of this major search engine, and you can do it for free. Yes, Website optimization. Just what should you do first?

Matching your Internet marketing efforts with the type of business you are hoping to get started with search engine optimization is critical. If you plan to market result generating “how to” products, specially how to generate income streams with the simple click of your mouse you’re going to be way behind the game.

Making money online, is your money that? How do I know this? I know this because I’ve done it for a long time. I’ve been in marketing for 11 years and I’ve seen plenty of high dollar claims. So I’ve seen it.

Imagine, in the next 90 days, you could earn $2000 a day, month after month. That’s only $23,500 a year. What if you could get everybody to become an expert in your niche? What if you could get high power marketers to cater or endorse your product you sell? Did you know that’s exactly what you can get done for free?

How do you do this?

How many do you know that makes $29,900 a month, from their own websites? Is there a super guru in your niche that is having success creating a lot of great money? You do, so how do you duplicate their efforts?

You probably know by now, all of these people all have picked up website optimization and know how effective it is. They know that just having a website, is not a developer or an Internet marketer. Just having a website is just step one. Step two is getting traffic to that website.

You can go about this a million different ways, but my recommendation is do what’s working for the people that are making a significant amount of money in your niche and then exploit it. Do what works for the small guys.

How do you find these people? Let them tell you how, through affiliate and joint venture programs. Look at what they’re doing. Try the dinner sales meetings, auto finish better business man, multiple income streams, post card drops, listing e-mails, and the “how to” books.

Is there a way to duplicate their efforts? Yes. Try emailing them. They will pick up the idea on the spot. Since they want to succeed to much in running their business, they’ll happily tell you how to do it yourself. Just email them directly. I asked a couple of successful website owners to use this method to find a bargain and build their business quickly. They just wrote me a letter asking if they were wasting their time.

I know it’s not the easiest thing to do, to go from being a rank and click website owner to be an affiliate or JV partner without seeing them first. Getting traffic is like building a house; when you work the foundations, and when the foundation is solid, the house will end up strong.

Remember, once the technology is set up and something is seen to be successful, there’s a need for an audience to read it and hopefully follow up and buy from you.